NEW Art Walk

Project Summary

In April 2023, the City of Watkinsville commissioned two public works of art to be on permanent display at Harris Shoals Park.

Goals of the Project

These works of art represent the native flora and fauna of the area and have the following benefits:

  • To provide aesthetically pleasing, educational works of art 

  • To emphasize the importance of the preservation of native flora and fauna in the area

  • To provide another dimension to a public park space 

  • To attract and engage audiences of all ages

First Works of Art


Dietrich Hoecht with art on Art Walk 11.14.2023 cropped

"I proposed a rotating wheel with twelve images of the park’s flora and fauna, a concept somewhat like the TV show’s ‘wheel of fortune’.  Once a picture was set horizontally, an adjacent panel was to become visible, which provided an explanation of the characteristics of the pictorial. The rotational center of the wheel was placed at 42 inches height, so that a youngster of 8 +/- years could best view and read, and play with turning the wheel.

Lots of planning went into this project, since the construction and operation needed to be totally child safe to engage with. Also, corrosion proofing, without ongoing maintenance or painting, needed forethought. Ruggedness was to be built in, so that vandalism would be prevented as best as possible. I even built in a friction brake, so that the spinning effort was slowed, i.e. from driving at excessive ‘fun’ speed. 

The images were hammered in copper repoussé (that is, needing many weeks of intense hammering), and they were rigidized with resin backing. The inscription panels were created with an etching process. The copper coloring, besides highlighting patinas, was left as naturally oxidized, and finally clear coated. The bas relief patterning and raised lettering encourages tactile exploring with hands and fingers by inquisitive children, and even by a blind person."

This work of art was installed just before Thanksgiving in November 2023. We hope you enjoy!